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What Happens Every 60 Seconds (All Images)

1- Your heart pumps 1.5 gallons of blood.

2- 694,444 hours’ worth of YouTube videos are watched.

3- Amazon makes more than $1 million.

4- 69 million WhatsApp messages are sent.

5- 6,000 bolts of lightning strike Earth’s surface.

6- You blink 15-20 times.

7- 266 babies are born around the world.

8- More than 8 million pounds of garbage is created.

9- 5.9 million searches are typed into Google.

10- 4 dogs are adopted from shelters in the U.S.

11- 17,361 people eat McDonald’s food.

12- More than 16,000 videos are posted on TikTok.

Your Turn: Create your own “What Happens Every 60 Seconds” infographic. You can make a poster, a slideshow, or a video. Include different information from what is in the infographic above. 

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Skills Sheets (2)