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Tell Us Your True Teen Story!

Sala, 13, won our writing contest last year. Will you be next? Pick a prompt and get started. (Background); Joe Buglewicz/AP Images for Scholastic Inc. (Sala Mohamed Imran)

The Prompts

  1. Do you have a passion, or something you really care about?
  2. Have you faced a challenge in your life?
  3. What makes you different or unique?

How to Enter

  1. Find a video below along with other prewriting resources. 
  2. Use them to help you write your essay.
  3. Have a teacher, parent, or guardian submit your work to our contest.

The Prize
One winner will get $100, their entry will be published at Action Online, and their classmates will each get a book. The winner’s teacher will get a free class subscription to Action. Deadline: March 15, 2024.

Click here for official rules.

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