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The Sticky, Surprising Story of Gum

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Sweet Secret 
“Bubblegum” flavor is usually a mix of fruit flavors, like strawberry, banana, and cherry.

What Is it?

Until the mid-1900s, most gum came from trees! Native people in North America chewed bits of sap (a sticky liquid found in plants).

Most gum is made of rubber—the same stuff used to make your bike tires. It’s mixed with sweeteners, flavors, and oils. (The oils make it softer and easier to chew.)

That’s how many pieces of gum the average American chews in a year.

To Chew or Not to Chew

Research shows that chewing gum can help you focus. It can also make you feel less stressed. 

More than 80 percent of gum ends up littering sidewalks. Too much sugary gum is also bad for your teeth.

Taste Test!

Americans love mint gum the best. But if you’re feeling brave, hunt down these wacky flavors:

1- Bacon
2- Wasabi (a spicy paste from Japan)
3- Thanksgiving Dinner
4- Pickle

Your Turn!  
Pick your favorite candy and write an infographic about it. Use this one as a guide. 

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Skills Sheets (2)