The Simple Tool to Build Family Engagement

Dear Teachers,


We love helping your students grow in the classroom, but it’s important to enrich their learning outside of it as well. That’s why Action has created Family Letters, in both English and Spanish, for your students to bring home and continue building their comprehension and reading skills with their family. Research shows that students whose parents are more involved in their education were more likely to have higher grades and test scores, graduate, and have better behavior and relationships. 


These letters give parents specific articles from each issue to read with their children and include questions and activities to complete once they’re done reading. Family engagement is vital to the growth of students, especially the striving readers of Action. We encourage you to have parents use these letters with their students whenever possible. Here’s how to use them:


Step 1: Send the introductory letter home with your students to show their family. It includes how to login to Action Online as a student and use the online resources.


Step 2: When each new issue of Action comes out, go to the top of that issue page to find the corresponding Family Letter. You can also find family letters at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: 
Watch your students grow with help from their parents!


It may not seem important, but family engagement is crucial to building stronger readers. We strongly encourage you to have your students and their parents read together with the help of our Family Letters.