An Introduction to Your Teacher Resources

An Introduction to Your Teacher Resources

Action packs every article and story with incredible resources, from videos to leveled texts and skill-building activity sheets. Watch this quick video to see where you can find these gems, or jump down to learn more about Text-to-Speech, multiple reading levels, videos, and skill builder activities.


Use the toolbar to the left of the article to launch our Text-to-Speech tool, which will highlight words as they’re read aloud. Students can use this tool independently to help build fluency, comprehension, and word recognition.  

Articles on Multiple Reading Levels

You and your students can toggle between multiple reading levels by using the buttons to the left of the article. Our leveled texts allow you to not only meet your students where they are, but also to provide them with reach or challenge texts—which will help them grow throughout the year. You can also download printable versions of lower-level and higher-level texts in the Teaching Resources section at the bottom of the article.

Engaging Videos

For major stories, you'll find interesting videos that take your students further into the world of the article, helping them build critical background knowledge. Keep an eye out for our skills videos, which touch on core language arts skills.

Skill Builder Activities

Use the Teaching Resources section of any article to find activities that focus on key skills, such as writing, sequencing, and central idea and details. Many are available on two levels: one with more scaffolding and one with less. For most activities, you’ll  have the option of both a printable PDF that you can download, or an Interactive version that allows students to type in their responses.