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Dalton Gage Taylor 

From the Garage to the Runway

How Phillip Maximilian went from being a mechanic to creating his own fashion brand

    What do fixing cars and making clothes have in common? Maybe more than you think. Just ask Phillip Maximilian. By the time he was 20, he owned his own car repair shop. It was the job he had always planned to do. But then he fell in love with fashion, and everything changed.

    Phillip is still an entrepreneur—a person who starts and runs a business. But instead of a garage, Phillip now has his own fashion brand. He sews suits made especially for each of his customers. He’s even made suits for local musicians and celebrities! We talked to him about chasing his new dream.

Were you always interested in fashion?

    No. My family always owned car repair shops. When I was young, I looked up to the kids with more money who wore cool clothes. But I never thought that could be me.

So how did you get into fashion?

    It was when my garage started to make money. I finally bought the clothes I had always wanted to wear. I posted pictures of my outfits on Instagram, and people liked what I wore. Pretty soon, I decided I wanted to make my own clothes.

What traits have helped you be successful?

    Patience and perseverance. You can’t rush into something—you have to take the time to learn everything you can first. While I was getting into fashion design, I still owned my garage. I was fixing cars while sewing suits in my spare time. It was hard, but I knew I had to learn the skills before I could succeed.

What do you love about fashion?

    I love how it can transform a person. When I bought my first suit, something changed in me. I felt like a star or James Bond—and it wasn’t even a nice suit! But it made me feel different, and it made me see myself differently. I want to do that for people with the clothes I make.

What advice do you have for kids?

    Be yourself. Be original. I know it’s easier to be like everybody else. But there are things that make you unique, and you should be proud of that. 

Dalton Gage Taylor

Designer at Work
Phillip had to learn a lot of skills to be a fashion designer. He sketches his designs first, and then he starts sewing. It can take 6 weeks to make one suit!

Mini Skills Workout

Perseverance has helped Phillip succeed. What do you think that word means? Write your guess below.

How did Phillip feel when he wore his first suit?

Find a sentence where Phillip explains why he didn’t start his new business right away. Write your guess on a separate sheet of paper.

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