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As your partner in education, Action is here to help you make learning joyful—no matter where it takes place. Action is an easy-to-use resource whether students are at school, at home, or a mix of the two. We’ve consolidated all the information you need for multiple teaching modalities, so you have all the resources you need in one place. 



Kim Tranell, Editorial Director

Getting Set Up

Here are some resources to help you and your students get set up for remote learning

Remote Learning Resources

Every Action article and teaching tool can be used for remote learning. But here are some of our favorite resources to get you started. 

Coming Together While Apart

The coronavirus shut down schools. It closed restaurants. It locked us up in our homes. But teens across the country found ways to help others—and themselves. 

Articles for Independent Learning

These articles cover foundational skills and offer a suite of teaching materials—videos, slideshows, skills sheets—for a ready-made lesson!

Can't Miss Remote Teaching Tools

We created tools to make assigning a snap, community-building a breeze, and lesson extensions handled.

 Text Sets for Project-Based Learning

Have students select some or all of the features in the text set to read, then do a project to respond to the guiding question.

More @Home Teaching Tools

Have more questions?

Our Help and How-To's page offers additional support for using Action at home, including tutorials, set up help, and more.